John Doe came up with a new concept for Dutch insurance company de Amersfoortse and presented this to our client. We created and designed a crowd funding website so entrepreneurs can get their new ideas funded on this website and the Amersfoortse. The strategy behind it is to show this company understands what it is to be an entrepreneur and to stop talking about helping or advising entrepreneurs. John Doe created this project and build the whole website. (John Doe is not responsible for how this site and campaign is managed and ran now)

The site must have its own color palettes but still keep the main color of the Amersfoortse. Here a few buttons and boxes used in the website.
A menu design before we actually started building the site. This was one of 5 diferent menu styles.
Simple layout for people uploading their projects.
Screenshot of one of the first online design test with slightly warmer color.

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