Olli mood tests for animation movie
Mood images for animation presentation.
IllustrationCharacter DesignAnimation
Olli Ball Game App
Get ready to make Olli fly in this addictive game. Olli is the 100% fake elephant and the most lovable elephant in history and known from European books, toys and many great charity events.
Interaction DesignCharacter DesignGame Design
Olli Dream Big Animation
An short animation film made for the kids in the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam.
IllustrationAnimationCharacter Design
Ollimania is a family of characters created by artists Didi Bok and Hein Mevissen. The Ollimania family is famous for being irresistibly cute and funny. Each character is a trademark and has its own unique background, life and dreams, which are revealed during the Ollimania adventures in books and movies.
BrandingCharacter DesignFilm
John's Phone
John’s Phone is designed by Hein Mevissen and Diederiekje Bok of John Doe to be a tongue-in-cheek ‘basic backlash’ by targeting users who do not want the flashy features of next-generation models. It also named as the anti-i Phone or dumb phone.
BrandingGraphic DesignIndustrial Design
New Ollimania products launch
Our brand Ollimania is launching a huge range of new products. All designed in house. Products are available for characters Olli, Tutje and Sugar Mousey.
BrandingIllustrationProduct Design
Water From The Supermarket
We designed, developed and launched a complete new water brand into the market in 2005. From the supermarket is based on the lack of knowledge most consumers have of the products they buy in the supermarket. They know things are from the supermarket, but not much more. from the supermarket tells it like it is: contrary to its competitors, from the supermarket doesn’t make promises it can’t keep. That’s why the pay-off simply says: Buy it and it’s yours!
EntrepreneurshipGraphic DesignIndustrial Design
Tutje book
The first book of Tutje mousey published in the Netherlands. About a little pink mouse trying to be happy and be loved.
Character DesignGraphic DesignIllustration
New Olli book (Olli dreams)
A complete new Olli children's book about Olli's dreams.
IllustrationCharacter DesignWriting
Toni Electroni
In 2006 John Doe launched the first vehicle From The Supermarket, the Toni Electroni. It is a scooter that makes a whole lot of sense. It is not a source of urban pollution, in terms of both emissions and noise. The Toni Electroni is green, clean and safe. Above all this great design makes you want to have it and drive it all day long.
BrandingIndustrial DesignAutomotive Design
New Olli toy
Creating a new Olli toy with a cuddly turd attached to it ;-)
Character DesignIllustrationToy Design
John Doe is always looking for new daring different areas of excitement that will result in increased revenue. Animation is one of their favorite ways to to express the individuality and amplify uniqueness of a brand. Bok and Mevissen are fond of animation and storytelling. However, they are great storytellers themselves and animation can push brands , with universal stories and striking visuals designed to captivate and engage any audience. Bok and Mevissen made many animation commercials for their own brands and for other brands.
CartooningCharacter DesignFilm
Happy Hollidays illustration
Holliday greetings from Ollimania for it's fans.
CartooningCharacter DesignIllustration
A brandnew Olli book. Olli and the Pudding Rocket
A brandnew Olli book. Olli and the Pudding Rocket. Published in Dutch and English. For more info go to: http://ollimania.com/en/products/books/
Character DesignDigital ArtIllustration
Olli polyester statue
We are building a huge polyester Olli statue for donation to the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam. The nearly 9-foot-tall polyester idol Olli will be unveiled in the Sophia Children’s Hospital. This enormous shiny plastic 100% fake elephant named ‘ Olli’ is donate by Diederiekje ( Didi) Bok and Hein Mevissen of Ollimania/ John Doe to bring a smile for the most needing ones and their families.
Character DesignSculptingToy Design
Olli Animation
Donating a big polyester statue to a children's hospital. We made this animation to announce the arrival of Olli the elephant in the Hospital.
AnimationCartooningCharacter Design
Lola Lola
Logo design for new Fashion magazine Lola Lola.
FashionGraphic DesignTypography
Line stickers
Ollimania stickers for Line. Asia's biggest social network.
BrandingCharacter DesignIllustration
Vinyl Toy design
Working on our Olli elephant to create a vinyl toy and rubber key hanger from it. The packaging is far from finished but we're getting there;-)
Character DesignPackagingToy Design
Crumbs, new Ollimania characters
Developed new characters for the 5th Ollimania book.
CartooningCharacter DesignIllustration
Ollimania Character toy design
Designing the Olli character in 3D for toy molding and animation.
AnimationCharacter DesignComputer Animation
Making the Mini Olli
How the mini Olli was created.
Character DesignIndustrial DesignToy Design
Ollimania website
Made these header images for our new Ollimania website. Se more here: www.ollimania.com
Character DesignDigital ArtIllustration
Olli Book 1
A brandnew Olli book. Olli and the poop canon... Published by Leopold.
Character DesignIllustrationWriting
Ollimania will introduce some new characters in their new books. The books will be published end of september 2014 and are written en illustrated by Diederiekje Bok en Hein Mevissen.
AnimationCharacter DesignToy Design
Food Toys
In 2009 we created a series of food toys for kids. These toys could be collected at international trade shows. Mostly in Asia and the US.
Character DesignEntrepreneurshipIllustration
Olli® Character
Created and designed Olli.
Character DesignDrawingIllustration
Toni Electroni
We designed an electric scooter and produced it in China. We created three models that we branded Toni Electroni. One special edition was made in complete white leather.
BrandingEntrepreneurshipIndustrial Design
John Doe came up with a new concept for Dutch insurance company de Amersfoortse and presented this to our client. We created and designed a crowd funding website so entrepreneurs can get their new ideas funded on this website and the Amersfoortse. The strategy behind it is to show this company understands what it is to be an entrepreneur and to stop talking about helping or advising entrepreneurs. John Doe created this project and build the whole website. (John Doe is not responsible for how this site and campaign is managed and ran now)
AdvertisingGraphic DesignWeb Design
A French commercial for Adidas directed by Hein Mevissen. Star soccer player Karim Benzema features in the commercial.
Günther MTV
A short film written and created for MTV Benelux.
AdvertisingCreative DirectionWriting
One of the old Ben® commercials written and created with Diederiekje Bok at Kessels kramer.
AdvertisingArt DirectionWriting
Chris the Snowflake
We developed a character for MTV shorts in winter. Chris the Snowflake is a cute snowflake in an identity crisis because there are so many of him.
Character DesignFilmToy Design
Designed an alien for a Nibb-it commercial I directed.
Character DesignDirectingFilm
We created Sammy for MTV. Made over 90 short Sammy animations of this hateful swearing doll.
AnimationCharacter DesignFilm
GUI Design
Ios icons I designed for several apps.
Graphic DesignIcon DesignIllustration
Short film for MTV United Kingdom. A boy has a rare disease...
Comedy Central
Alien Comedy Central goes for better ratings for their tv channel. Global warming seems to be a good idea.
Centraal beheer
Commercial directed for DDB.
A short film voor mobile company Ben®.
Series of short Volkswagen commercials I directed.
Comedy Central
A series of bad jokes seem funny for other reasons...
Dick's Republic
We created this brand for Tetra Pak.
BrandingEntrepreneurshipGraphic Design
One of a series shorts about completely weird fake programs on MTV.
MTV Canada
A short film for the launch of MTV Canada. The short was banned after 3 days.
Commercial made for Bol.com
AdvertisingArt DirectionFilm
A commercial for Lexus that I directed. A spoiled girl hates her understanding father.
Hans Brinker Budget Hotel II
Commercial for Hans Brinker Budget Hotel I made for the European football championships. Budget sponsor...
AdvertisingArt DirectionFilm
Dutch Horticulture
A commercial to promote Dutch Horticulture. A B-movie killer plant takes over.
Character DesignDirectingFilm
Series of fake trailers made to promote the new programming on MTV.
Hans Brinker Budget Hotel
Commercial for Hans Brinker Budget Hotel I made for the European football championships. Budget sponsor...
AdvertisingArt DirectionFilm
Cinema commercial I made for mobile operator Libertel in 1997.
AdvertisingArt DirectionWriting
Commercial I directed for Ziggo.
Alien Nibb-it
The director's cut of a commercial I directed and designed the character for. The final character was created by Illusion Industries.
Character DesignDirectingWriting
Argos UK
One of a series Argos commercials made at Ogilvy & Mather in the previous century.
AdvertisingArt DirectionWriting
Bin Laden The Musical
A short film we wrote with Leon de Winter and is directed by Hein Mevissen. Humor is the strongest weapon of all. Bin Laden the musical.
Olli is designed and created by Hein Mevissen and Diederiekje Bok.
Character DesignEntrepreneurshipGraphic Design
Quick shoes
We designed the first new Quick shoe for Quick. We wanted to create a sneaker based on a retro soccer shoe look.
BrandingFashionIndustrial Design
This MTV short was written by Diederiekje bok and Hein Mevissen and directed by Hein Mevissen. It was broadcasted in 82 countries.
Computer AnimationDirectingFilm
Quick came to John Doe for the re-launch into the Dutch market. Quick was an old Dutch sports brand that was out of commission since the 80's. We re-designed the logo but wanted to keep most of the original feel of the logo. We made all logo's, designs and campaign for the launch of Quick in 2001.
BrandingGraphic DesignPrint Design
KPN Digitale TV
KPN asked John Doe to design the new logo and products for their digital television.
Art DirectionGraphic DesignIndustrial Design
Dutch insurance company a.s.r. asked us to design a new corporate identity for them. As we came up with a new strategy for this company, helping others and being very basic with not too much waste, we liked to see this reflected in the logo.
Graphic DesignTypographyWriting
Campaign for a Dutch insurance company. John Doe created a completely new marketing strategy for this company and made a campaign for them. This strategy contained also a crowd funding site for entrepreneurs that we've build.
Designed a new logo for GVR.
Art DirectionGraphic DesignPrint Design
Comedy Central
A series of short films for the new Comedy Central channel in the Benelux countries.
New logo for a company preserving old buildings in the city of Amsterdam.
AdvertisingArt DirectionGraphic Design
Some out of a big series of old commercials we did for Ben® when the brand was launched.
AdvertisingArt DirectionWriting
Comedy Central
A series of short funny commercials to announce the start of a brand new comedy central in the Netherlands.
Centraal beheer
Commercial for a Dutch company. Call us...
Just Like Daddy
Wrote and created a short film for MTV networks to respect your parents.
The Post Online
Logo design for the Post Online.
BrandingGraphic DesignIllustration
Showreel Preview
A small view on my directors showreel.
DirectingCreative DirectionDesign
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